Jack Wu for Kansas State Board of Education

Jack Wu grew up in Hayward, California. He attended a public elementary school there and was introduced to the theory of evolution at that school. Jack fell victim to the lies of his evil teachers and thought evolution was real science for a time.

After elementary school, Jack attended a private "Christian" school. There, Jack was taught that God created the world and the universe. At first, Jack stuck with his old pseudo-science evolution-based cosmology. However, the light of the holy scriptures burned all those trashy concepts away. Jack now knows that God is the Creator of all things.

Jack moved to Topeka, Kansas after seeing the light of Westboro Baptist Church. There, he found people that loved and served the Lord their God sincerely. The church stands amidst the evil city of Topeka, whose citizens among other things tried to burn down the church.

With the upcoming elections, Jack endeavors to make a difference in this evil city of Topeka and this perverse state of Kansas. The students and children of this generation need the light of the scriptures if to correct their erroneous ways. They don't need Satanic lies like evolution filling their heads, and if elected to office, Jack would like to purge such lies from the curriculum.